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Quality System

Constant Commitment of METALCO, to pursue the target of quality improvement which has been recognized through the certification of its quality system according to ISO 9001:2000 standards.

Quality Products

We have made a distinctive mark in health care industry with our superior quality products and timely delivery services. Through the course of time, we have been involved in adopting techniques and procedures to enhance the quality of products to fulfill the international quality norms.

Our quality proven products are the outcome of several quality measures that we follow at our manufacturing unit. The blood bank equipment that we manufacture are produced using premium quality raw materials that are procured only from reputed vendors. The entire aspect associated to quality is carefully monitored and supervised by our quality controllers so that only the best and the most superior in performance reach our clients.

Quality Assurance

Quality Control Equipments
  • Optical Emission Spectrometer
  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Rockwell Cum Brinell Hardness Tester
  • Brinell Cum Vickers Hardness Tester Machine
  • Conductivity Meter
  • Metallurgical Microscope
  • Eddy Current Testing Machine
  • Hydraulic Pressure Testing Machine
  • Chemical Laboratory

Sr. No. Process Characteristics to be checked Measuring Instruments Quantum to be Checked
1 Raw Material Inspection Purity Spectro Analyzer Random Sampling
2 Melting & Casting Charge Quantity Weighing Scale Random Sampling
Temperature Thermo Couple 100%
Chemical Composition Spectro Analyzer 100%
3 Billet Cutting Appearance Visual 100%
4 Extrusion Temperature Pyrometer Random Sampling
Dimensions Micro Meter Random Sampling
5 Shell Inspection Dimensions Micro Meter Random Sampling
Appearance Visual 100%
6 Pilgering Dimensions Micro Meter Random Sampling
Appearance Visual 100%
7 Drawing Dimensions Micro Meter Random Sampling
Surface Visual 100%
8 Staightening Dimensions Micro Meter Random Sampling
Straightness Visual & Measurement Random Sampling
9 Eddy Current Test (E-243) Surface & Internal Defects Eddy Current Testing Machine 100%
Quality Assurance

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