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Bronze Hollow Rods

Phosphorus Bronze Hollow Rods

Rs 750 / Kg

Phosphorus Bronze Hollow Rods
  • Shape: Round
  • Usage/Application: Household Repair
  • Country of Origin: Made in India
  • deal in: new
  • type: pipe
  • Shape: Round
  • Usage/Application: Household Repair
  • Country of Origin: Made in India
  • deal in: new
  • type: pipe
C51000 Phosphor Bronze Alloy, with a nominal composition of 94.80% copper and 5.0% tin, deoxidized with 0.2% phosphorus is the most widely used of the phosphor bronzes, which offering engineering properties as high strength, ductility, superior fatigue and spring characteristics, excellent corrosion resistance, durability for severe service, good bearing qualities with low friction and higher wear resistance, superior forming and spinning, resistance to stress relaxation and good joining properties.

Typical Applications:
  • Architecture : Bridge bearing plates
  • ELECTRICAL : resistance wire, fuse clips, electromechanical spring components, electrical flexing contact blades, electrical connectors, electronic connectors, wire brushes, switch parts, electronic and precision instrument pa
  • FASTENERS : cotter pins, lock washers
  • INDUSTRIAL : bourdon tubes, bellows, perforated sheets, chemical hardware, truss wire, springs, sleeve bushings, diaphragms, clutch disks, pressure responsive elements, beater bar, textile machinery, welding rods

Equivalent Specifications
JISC5102 / 3270

Chemical Composition

Physical Properties
Melting Point €“ Liquidus1920°F
Melting Point €“ Solidus1750°F
Density0.32 Lb/Cu In. At 68°F
Specific Gravity8.86
Electrical Conductivity*15% IACS At 68°F
Thermal Conductivity40 Btu/ Sq Ft/ Ft Hr/ °F At 68°F
Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion 68-5729.9 10−6Per °F (68-572 F)
Specific Heat Capacity0.09 Btu/Lb/°F At 68°F
Modulus Of Elasticity In Tension16000 Ksi
Modulus Of Rigidity6000 Ksi

BarASM 4625, ASTM B103,ASTM B139/B139M
Bearings & BushingsMILITARY MIL-B-13501
BoltsASTM F468
Bushing StockMILITARY MIL-B-13501
NutsASTM F467
PlateAMS 4510, ASTM B100, ASTM B103
RodAMS 4625, ASTM B139/B139M, SAE J461, SAE J463
ScrewsASTM F468
ShapesASTM B139/B139M
SheetAMS 4510, ASTM B100, ASTM B103, SAE J461, SAE J463
StudsASTM F468
TubeAMS 4625, MILITARY MIL-T-3595
WireAMS 4720, ASTM B159/B159M, MILITARY MIL-W-6712, SAE J461, SAE J463
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